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The day just got past me, so I don't have time for a real blog post. But I thought I'd toss up this link to Jessica Wakeman, and her tales of woe befriending beautiful women whose sense of entitlement led them to turn into crappy friends. Like Judy Berman, I was skeptical. I've had friends who were that very specific kind of conventionally pretty that they make a very specific kind of man act like an absolute asshole the second they walk in the door. And I've not found them to be more or less likely to be hard to get along with than female friends whose beauty is of the more eclectic kind.

Then I realized that Jessica's friends were models. And so I suggest an alternate reading. Perhaps they weren't entitled so much as hungry. I know that I'm an absolute bear when my blood sugar is low. If it was a semi-permanent condition, that would make me a semi-permanent asshole.

What do you think, Pandagonians? Does being beautiful make people act entitled? Or is it, as I've often noticed, more trouble than it's worth in terms of unwanted attention and upkeep?