Oh no, death threats against Bush were ignored for years!

Oh no, the Secret Service arrested a man for threatening President Bush seven days before he left office!

And this kid was questioned over threats to Bush using MySpace, which is the death threat equivalent of filing a lawsuit using construction paper, Elmer's glue and glitter.

This guy was arrested for talking to his ex-girlfriend about killing Bush.

Chemists got arrested, Purdue students got arrested, hell, people are still getting arrested for threatening Bush's life and he's not even President anymore!

It's simply idiotic to presume that death threats against Bush weren't being investigated. A reality-based explanation would be that there are four times as many death threats against Obama as there were against Bush, meaning that there would be a lot more arrests (and, ergo, more arrests of protesters), but that's probably something I made up along with 9/11 being an inside job and the Underground Railroad.

Incidentally, I appreciate the argument that the reason that there are more protest-related arrests of people threatening Obama's life is that the media effectively didn't cover liberal protests, which would seem to actually contradict the liberalism that's driving the media to not report on the conservative protests that they're actually reporting on and therefore using to point out death threats. Or something.