Most of the time, just in the quality of it department, though of course for you ladies out there, the anti-choice movement not only wants to strip you of basic freedoms, but if you roll the dangerous pregnancy dice, they will happily force you to die giving birth. Just the price you pay for having sex, you decadent liberals! And of course, now the anti-choicers are out there protesting your right to live if you get sick in America while being uninsured or underinsured.

And for prominent pro-choicers, antis aren't above wishing you dead/dropping hints about where potential shooters can find you/celebrating when you do die. If you're male, perversely, you might get this worse, because you're a traitor to the patriarchy cause. If you're Catholic, you might get this worse, because antis are extremely intent on sending the message that they own your ass, and if you reject their ownership, they really, really hate you. That's why I wasn't surprised to find out that the American Life League were the ones out in full force celebrating Ted Kennedy's passing at the "oh noes a black President!" protests yesterday. These were the signs they were passing out:

Now, Kennedy is the uber-villain to every right wing crank, but it didn't take long for me to find out exactly why the American Life League was obsessed with Kennedy, and happy that he died. Austin Cline did the legwork, because like a proper evil atheist, he's more concerned about the oppression of Catholics at the hands of religious nuts than Catholics ever could be. American Life League apparently had a full-blown meltdown to find out that the Catholic response to one of their own dying wasn't to boycott the funeral and pray that Kennedy is in hell.

[One of the most senior Catholic pro-life activists in the United States, American Life League President Judie Brown], appointed by Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy for Life, said of the Kennedy funeral affair: “The entire travesty, from the television cameras to spectacle itself, goes beyond anything I have witnessed in my more than 65 years of life. In fact, while we all thought the appearance of President Barack Obama at the University of Notre Dame was a scandal, the very idea that he offered a eulogy in a basilica, while the real presence of Christ was in the tabernacle, is perhaps the most dastardly thing I have ever seen.”

According to ALL, the control of the vaginas of America is a far more important issue than petty concerns like religious freedom and relieving the suffering in this country and around the world. Really, everyone should have some wanton sex today for Judie Brown. Getting pissed off at the wingnuts just gives them what they want. But if you celebrate the fact that you still own your genitals and Brown doesn't by putting them to good use, that will get to her. It's not just the haunting fear that someone, somewhere is having a good time, Judie! I promise you that many readers of this blog will be doing so within 24 hours. This nation is awash in sex, and I for one am happy for it.

Brown and her organization ALL have a lot of wayward Catholics on their hands, Catholics who think there's more important things in life than punishing women for not sewing it up for Jesus and the saints. Check out this data! The misogynist faction is in full freak-out mode because they have little more control over the minds of Catholics than they do over the vaginas of America:

*73% of Catholic voters believe that a politician is not under an obligation to let his bishop control his vote

*70% don't let their bishops influence who they vote for, either

*58% are pro-choice on abortion

And not only are most Catholics flouting Brown's wishes when it comes to contraception---they use it and think it should be legal in overwhelming numbers---75% think that health insurance should be required to cover it, 78% think pharmacists should be required to stock birth control pills, and 64% think contraception should be taught in schools. Seems like Ted Kennedy was smack dab with the majority Catholic opinion on the legal right for ladies to control their own ladyparts. He was, dare I say, representative of the American Catholic opinion on this subject. So what we're seeing with this sort of hate is a large scale anti-choice temper tantrum over the fact that they can't use religion to bully their very own into being stupid and hateful as well.