imageA couple of our nation's finest Republican Party chairmen have spoken up about the money-watching abilities of Senator Jim DeMint, and boy are they not offensive:

After a Democratic state senator wrote in The State that DeMint didn't bring enough money back home, Bamberg County GOP Chairman Edwin Merwin and Orangeburg County GOP Chairman James Ulmer responded that he was just looking after the nation's pennies -- like a Jew would.

"There is a saying that the Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and the dollars taking care of themselves," Ulmer and Merwin wrote in a joint letter published by The Times and Democrat. "By not using earmarks to fund projects for South Carolina and instead using actual bills, DeMint is watching our nation's pennies and trying to preserve our country's wealth and our economy's viability to give all an opportunity to succeed."

So, here's the issue.

When a Republican says something that's racist or ethnically offensive, it never actually is, so long as it's about black people. (Or, really, anyone, but mainly black people.) If they're in any way affiliated with any form of entertainment, it was a joke. If the slur was in any way based on any perceivable version of reality (i.e., it's okay to say that Mexicans are lazy baby machines, because many Mexicans own beds, and the only reason you own a bed is to sleep and make Mexican babies), then really, the people being slurred have to explain why anyone would think that way about them.

On the other hand, Republicans are fanatically protective of Jews Israel, and love bringing out anti-Semitism like an eight year old who just got a new G.I. Joe with a giant Star of David to hypocritically shove in Snake Eyes' face.

How, then does this political movement respond to its own members making hilariously bold Jew-hating remarks?

Al Sharpton, bitches.

What a stupid statement. The penny-pinching Jew part of it, that is, even though meant as praise.

Who would associate with such people? Well, I don't worry about that much, because people who use stereotypes in a misguided attempt at praise can be educated, and have no actual malice.

I am more worried about the people who associate with the haters who refer to Jews as Hymie and Diamond Merchants, who claim that Jews control the country, or who believe that Jews are satanic.

And some of the people who associate with such haters go pretty far in life, with little consequence.

Jacobson (a conservative clinical law professor at Cornell) then links to a video of Al Sharpton, because unlike the nice county chairmen who just think Jews are money-hoarding ghouls, Al Sharpton is a very bad man who thinks that Jews are money-hoarding ghouls. And that, my friends, is that.