This is the sort of ill thought-out argument that makes me grumpy first thing in the morning. (Via.) The idea behind the "porn is empowering!" argument is that women who work in porn gain power in a pragmatic way, playing by men's rules, and feminists should support this for pragmatic reasons, because at the end of the day, women have more real power. And that would be a legitimate argument if the women involved had more power at the end of the day. But what power do they have, exactly? Johanna Kruppa cites the big paychecks you get for nude modeling in Playboy, but since those paychecks stop coming when you're a hag of 23 or so (or possibly younger), then it's a false form of power.

You know who has real power in the real world? Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi. Tina Fey, even. Hell, I have more power than a Playboy model in the real world, since my opinions are taken seriously. All of us would never have this if we posed for Playboy, because as much as the men who make the rules coo and flatter Playboy models, they actually think you're dumb bimbos and they don't give a shit what you have to say.

Do I think this is fair? No. I think that it would be a better world if someone could both be in Playboy and be a congresswoman. But fair isn't the point, by Kruppa's own measurement---she's making a "getting power in the unfair real world" argument, after all. But she's failing to understand that her argument fails on its own measures.

But this whole thing inspires me to play one of my all-time favorite girl groups doing one of their all-time best songs. And yes, the creepiness of it only adds to the intrigue.

Original song: "He's Got The Power" by The Exciters

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1) "I Have A Boyfriend"---The Chiffons

2) "After Last Night"---The Rev-Lons

3) "Brink of Disaster"---Lesley Gore

4) "Witch"---The Sonics

5) "Leave Me Be"---The Zombies

6) "Don't Forget About Me"---Dusty Springfield

7) "Psychotic Reaction"---The Count Five

8) "Make Time"---Creation

9) "The Fake Headlines"---The New Pornographers

10) "I Can't Let Go"---Evie Sands

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