Supporters defend Andy Seré's heterosexuality: He 'gets more tail than anyone I know in DC'

Last month, Andy Seré, the spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, was accused of gay-baiting when he attacked Tennessee state Sen. Roy Herron for "watching his body image very closely" and sent out an email that showed the senator in a very short pair of shorts.

Seré denied the accusation that he was gay-baiting, but many in the gay community didn't buy it. Now, Seré himself is on the defensive after bloggers caught wind of his attendance at a Facebook-promoted party featuring mostly shirtless men.

The fact that the party was called the "GOB Freedom Festival" caught the eye of AmericaBlog's John Avarosis "since 'gob,' among other things, is gay slang for oral sex, and for young gay sailors (and, an even odder coincidence, the party was for a military friend coming back to the states)."

Avarosis posted a series of photos from the party, none of which show Seré, but none of which appear to fit the standard Republican image of heterosexuality.

Avarosis writes:

Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting that the NRCC spokesman or any of his (international) male friends are gay. I'm simply admiring his soft boyish looks, his seeming obsession with homosexual innuendo and the male form, and his incredibly muscled, half-naked, Bel-Ami boy friends who like to get together for long hot weekends without the necessity of all that clothing covering their tight sweaty pecs.

Seré has responded to the innuendo, telling a Nashville Post blog that the suggestions he may be gay, or at least part of a gay social circle, are "pretty funny."

"Unfortunately for Roy Herron, West and Middle Tennesseans won’t find his support for gay adoption quite as amusing," Seré told the blog.

And, in an act that strikes Raw Story as being perhaps, um, overcompensation, an "unnamed political operative" told the Nashville Post blog that "Andy Seré gets more tail than anyone I know in DC. He’s short, he’s French and the girls love him."

Avarosis notes in a follow-up blog posting that the operative didn't specify the gender of the "tail" Seré gets.

It would therefore seem rather hypocritical of the moralizing Republican party to hire an unmarried spokesman who "gets more tail than anyone I know in DC." (It's also rather un-Biblical to treat women as sexual "tail.") If the quote is true, this would make the NRCC's spokesman, and the NRCC itself, rather serious family values hypocrites.