This friendly game ain't so friendly to my blood pressure!

1-0 Turkey at the half, and it could easily be worse. The USMNT defense is looking very troubled and scattered today, and Turkey knows it - they may only have one goal but they've pushed through with rapid counter attacks numerous times. Our passing has been amateurish at times, with flashes of strength that seem to dissipate within moments. It's one of those matches where it seems like the opposing team has three or four extra men on the pitch.

There was a golden opportunity near the end of the first half, when Altidore ran up the flank with Dempsey right in the middle of the box, but the pass seemed just beyond his reach and rolled right along the front of goal, snickering as it went.

They need to tighten up every aspect of the squad right now and start communicating better, which is sadly the same thing you could say at nearly every USMNT halftime. I keep my faith, but being a soccer fan sure is hazardous to your health.