Well, THAT was much better!

2-1 US after a good fight back in the second half and goals from Altidore and Dempsey (both set up by Donovan). I don't know what Bradley said to them, but they had a lot more energy and focus, and I think a good portion of that is thanks to the subs. Jose Francisco Torres came on for Ricardo Clark, and I strongly feel Torres should be the starter. He has great determination and is almost feisty - he goes after opponents much more than most of his teammates do, and his passing is consistently strong. Robbie Findley came in for Benny Feilhaber and made me think maybe his inclusion in the roster wasn't so odd. It wasn't an all-around amazing performance but it was strong and poised, and included an awesome chip shot pass to help set up the US's first goal.

The defense looked better - it could hardly have looked worse - but was still a bit uncertain at times. It almost seemed like the the speed of the Turkish team was too much for our back line, and that's really not acceptable. They should not be so easily thrown off and should be able to adjust as needed as they watch how the other team is playing. But there was much more physical defending in the second half and more tracking back from the midfield as well, and it worked. They need to jot that down in the book and make it a staple of every game.

So now they head to South Africa on a good note. Let's keep that going, guys? Please?