Will Ferrell's Funny or Die website spoofs an ad by a Republican candidate for Agriculture Commissioner in Alabama, which has gone totally viral.

"While that obscure-sounding office might invite expectations of restrained campaign rhetoric, don't be fooled: Dale Peterson wants you to know that he's taking no prisoners," Brian Montopoli reported for CBS News.

In the spot, Peterson, speaking in the staccato style of an angry drill instructor, expresses outrage over the "thugs and criminals" who are trying to "keep you in the dark" in order to "do whatever they want" with the commission's billions of dollars.

"They don't give a rip about Alabama," Peterson exclaims, anger rising.

A horse by his side, Peterson complains of "illegals bussed in by the thousands" and accuses opponents of "stealing yard signs in the dark of night from my supporters." He goes on to complain that one has been "bragging about receiving illegal money on Facebook."

"Who on earth would support such a dummy?" he asks, as the camera cuts to a close up of the horse's face.

Gawker mocked the real ad: "Maybe you remember Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James' flag-waving "We Speak English" ad. This spot from Republican Alabama Agricultural Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson makes James look like a gay Commie terrorist. Dramatic music! Guns! Horses! Drawling! God Bless America."

Although spoofs of videos which are already considered ironic spoofs generally fall flat, this one is already beginning to generate raves.

"I shot people in a movie theater one summer," the faux Peterson brags in the the spoof video.

The Funny or Die Peterson is also rip-roaring mad that the local Jack-In-The-Box was replaced by a Sonic drive-in restaurant.

"I'll kill a man," the phony Peterson says, before later warning, "Give me the Republican nomination or I'll shoot you in the goddamned head."

The best part of the spoof, though, might be finally getting to hear what the horse has to say, except...

This video is the original Dale Peterson ad, uploaded to Youtube on May 16, 2010.

This video is the Funny or Die spoof, uploaded May 19, 2010.