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Just over the weekend, I noted that wingnuts love getting their political enemies fired because it's still illegal to have them executed. And sure enough, this week Andrew Breitbart---who we all know has zero compunction about lying when it comes to singling out random people for flying monkey attacks---zeroed in on his next innocent victim, Shirley Sherrod, and got her fired. Using heavy editing, Breitbart turned a video about Sherrod's encounter with some white farmers in trouble after struggling to look past some racial tensions that initially inclined her to not help them as much as she should. The conclusion was that she wanted to help poor people, regardless of race.

Breitbart edited this to make it sound like she was bragging about how she didn't help white people because they were white. In reality, the opposite is true. It's shameful that anyone treats Andrew Breitbart as anything but a known liar, and progressives are trying to shame the mainstream media and the Obama administration for reacting to Breibart's accusations with any more seriousness than if it was Alex Jones ranting about black helicopters and the One World Government.

I'm traveling all day to Netroots, but I'll have my Twitter available some times, and I'm trying to start a meme. I'd love to have your help. The hash tag is #ifandrewbreitbarteditedit, and the idea is to drive home that you can't believe everything you hear in heavily edited videos. Here are some of my entries, and I tend to update when I can:

"Apocalypse Now" is about how war is a morally uplifting adventure.

"In The Heat Of The Night" is about the dangers of affirmative action.

"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" is about what's wrong with interracial marriage.

"It's A Wonderful Life" is about why big bankers are great, and why suicide is painless.

"Citizen Kane" is about the spiritual fulfillment one gets from capitalism.

If you don't have Twitter, leave yours in comments, and I'll try to tweet them, with full credit.