News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch engaged US lawmakers in a heated debate Thursday on immigration as he defended coverage by his Fox News networks against critics who claim it is overly conservative.

"We welcome all views on Fox News. We don't censure, we're not anti-mmigrant on Fox News," he told a House Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration.

Murdoch appeared alongside New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to call for immigration reforms but drew fire from Representative Maxine Waters for his media coverage.

"I don't see you promoting that. Why don't you use your power to help us?" the congresswoman said.

"I would say we do," Murdoch said. "We do employ a lot of immigrants at Fox. We certainly have debates on both sides" on Fox News.

Also in the debate, Representative Peter King asked Murdoch why Americans should "accept the promise again that we would enforce immigration laws."

Murdoch responded: "You don't have to accept any promises. You're the people who make the laws in this country."

Murdoch and Bloomberg both addressed the need for reform to address the status of an estimated 11 million immigrants, which is supported by President Barack Obama.

Bloomberg said any new measure must address the issue of work visas and efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants as well as the question of illegal residents.

"Unless you address those three issues at the same time it is not going to be solved," he said.