Although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that she has no intention of running for president again, President Barack Obama's former campaign manager wouldn't rule it out Sunday.

David Plouffe told NBC's David Gregory that he doesn't anticipate a Democratic challenger in 2012 but deflected questions about a possible Clinton run.

"Do you envision a primary challenge from another Democrat in 2012 against this president?" asked Gregory.

"I can't imagine that," replied Plouffe.

"Can you rule out based on actual information that Secretary of State Clinton would not pursue the presidency again and would not challenge President Obama?" Gregory wondered.

"You saw this week they're working so well together. Working on Middle East peace and it's a wonderful partnership. I think that was a really inspired choice by the president and Secretary of State Clinton is doing a remarkable job," said Plouffe.

"Is that yes, no or maybe?" pressed Gregory.

"They're a team and a great team for America," Plouffe answered.

In a 2009 NBC interview, Clinton said "no" three times when asked if she would run for president again.

But the rumors (and, for some, hopes) of a Clinton run were sparked up again last week when a Chicago dentist, William DeJean, began running TV ads in New Orleans pushing for a Hillary 2012 campaign.

"Start now," the video implores. "Where there's a Hill, there's a way."

This video is from NBC's Meet the Press, broadcast Sept. 5, 2010.

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