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Palin compares herself to Reagan to defend reality show



Sarah Palin said Sunday that her new reality television series doesn’t hurt her chances in a 2012 presidential run because President Ronald Reagan was also an entertainer.

Karl Rove told the British newspaper Telegraph last week that Palin’s new TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, doesn’t help her 2012 chances.

“With all due candor, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of ‘that helps me see you in the Oval Office,'” Rove said.

“There are high standards that the American people have for it [the presidency] and they require a certain level of gravitas, and they want to look at the candidate and say ‘that candidate is doing things that gives me confidence that they are up to the most demanding job in the world,'” he said.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Palin to respond Sunday.

“You know, I agree with that,” Palin said. “That those standards have to be high for someone who would ever want to run for president like, um, wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor? Wasn’t he in Bedtimes for Bonzo, bozo or something? Ronald Reagan was an actor.”


The former Alaska governor insisted her new show was a documentary instead of a reality show.

“Now look. I’m not in a reality show. I have eight episodes documenting Alaska’s resources, what it is that we can contribute to the rest of U.S. to economically and physically secure our union, and my family comes along for the ride because I am family, family is us, and my family comes along on the ride to document these eight episodes for The Learning Channel. … So Karl is wrong right there in calling it a reality show,” she said.

Wallace explained to Palin that he thought she was unlikely to run in 2012.

“I think you’re having too much fun,” Wallace said. “I think you’re making too much money. You’re still a big player in national politics. You don’t have a hundred people like me chasing you around saying, ‘What does she read in the morning?’ I don’t think you’re going to run.”


“The country is worth it though, to make those sacrifices. When we talk about making money today, having a lot of fun today, having all this freedom, if the country needed me — and I’m not saying the country would ever necessarily want to choose me over anyone else — I would be willing to make the sacrifices if need be,” Palin said.

In the same interview, Wallace asked Palin about two tea party candidates that she has endorsed that are not running strong races. Republican Senate candidate in Delaware Christine O’Donnell is trailing Democrat Chris Coons by at least ten points. In Alaska, polls show Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller is tied with Republican write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

Palin told Wallace that her choice to endorse O’Donnell was obvious because the candidate was a “common sense conservative.”

This video is from Fox’s Fox News Sunday, broadcast Oct. 31, 2010.

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Alabama is prosecuting a pregnant woman for manslaughter for being shot in the stomach — but not her shooter



On Wednesday, AL.com reported that Marshae Jones, a 27-year-old woman from Birmingham, Alabama, was indicted on manslaughter charges.

Her crime? Allegedly instigating a fight that led to her being shot in the stomach and losing her pregnancy. The woman who actually shot her, on the other hand — 23-year-old Ebony Jemison — is walking free after a grand jury rejected the case against her.

Immediately after the shooting, which allegedly stemmed from a fight over the baby's father and took place outside a Dollar General in Pleasant Grove, in December, prosecutors announced their intention to charge Jones for having a miscarriage.

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Jared Kushner whines: ‘I don’t think it’s a fair question’ to ask about dead family in the Rio Grande



In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner complained it was not "fair" to ask why the Trump administration isn't able to protect the lives of migrant families — even though he is supposedly the Trump administration's point man for immigration reform.

"You've also been tasked by the president to work on immigration," said Blitzer. "I'm sure you've seen the horrific photo of the father and 23-month-old daughter who drowned crossing the Rio Grande. And you've heard about the truly deplorable conditions for migrant children, that kids don't have toothpaste, soap, toddlers don't have diapers. You're a father, you're a man of faith. Why isn't the Trump Administration doing more to protect the lives of kids?"

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Trump supporters shout down Hillary Clinton in Miami ahead of debate — even though she’s not there



Supporters of President Donald Trump held a small rally outside of the Miami, Florida debate site, where they seemed to be confused about who was running in 2020.

According to NBC News reporter Allan Smith, the supporters had a megaphone where they were shouting "Lock her up!"

A few Trump supporters outside the debate hall in Miami chanting "lock her up" into a megaphone

— Allan Smith (@akarl_smith) June 26, 2019

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