Today has been kind of a crazy day---and I expect it will be that way all the way until the election---so I thought I'd toss out a more fun post for those two things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or lube and condoms: Halloween in election years and political costumes. Putting together a costume that's basically a political joke is not only a way to relieve some election season tension, it's also a great way to dodge the "wear your underwear and some cat ears" costume pressure for women. If done properly, a funny political costume can be a subtle, non-annoying, totally fun way to remind people to vote the next week. In 2008, I did what all brunettes with bangs pretty much had to do, and went as Sarah Palin. It was so much fun we ended up doing a comedy short video that exploited my costume and a friend's GI Joe-inspired costume.

This year, I thought it would be wrong not to do a similar political costume, so after kicking a few half-baked ideas around, I settled on being a "mama grizzly": 50s era dress, apron, pearl earrings and necklace, and bear ears. (I'll probably also do a bear nose and mouth with make-up.) I'll probably write a slogan on the apron. I'm thinking "Ban Schools, Not Guns".

But if you want to use your costume as a political comment, to make fun of the right, or just to represent some major issue of the election season, there are a lot of options.

*Don't Ask, Don't Tell: a military uniform with your mouth taped shut, or at least a big X over it. (I'm not a fan of costumes that interfere with socializing.) Attach a gay pride button to your uniform.

*I'll bet a tea bag could made out of burlap sack, some string, and a stiff piece of paper for the label. This is something you could affix a sign to very easily.

*Aqua Buddha. This costume would be especially fun if you live in Kentucky.

*Kelly Baden on Twitter mentioned her Christine O'Donnell costume: "Suit, witch hat, sign that reads "I am You" , straight brown hair"

*"Second amendment remedies" begs to be a costume. You can get a fake gun and some doctor/nurse costume, maybe with a clarifying sign.

*You could combine a revolutionary war costume with a clown costume to represent the Tea Party: powdered wig and tricorn hat, clown suit and shoes, red clown nose. Get a horn and honk at people, telling them to get the government out of your Medicare.

Offer your own in comments!