It's been revealed that the person who stomped on a woman's head and neck at a Kentucky Senate debate was not just a Rand Paul supporter, but a Paul county coordinator.

Tim Profitt from Paris, Kentucky is the Rand Paul for Senate Bourbon County coordinator and is being sought as the head stomper by the Lexington police.

I would like to talk about why this is obviously a Democratic plant, because it so clearly is.

FIRST, Tim "Profitt"? You're going to name your fake county coordinator for a Randian capitalist "Profitt"? You might as well have named him Greed McGoo, you children's cartoon writing motherfuckers.

SECOND, "Bourbon" County? Really? I mean, is that the only thing you elitist liberal wine-sipping Dems know about Kentucky?

This is the sort of sickening Alinsky-style tactic and propagandistic lies that make the Democratic Party so untrustworthy.

Also, women do not have necks. That is a matter of scientific fact. Also, per noted legal scholar Ann Althouse, this was really much more of a shoe-intensive shoulder rub than anything else. And women are always complaining about how their shoulders hurt.