What started out as a rather dull conversation between Fox News' Chris Wallace and radio host Mike Gallagher turned creepy Friday when the two began discussing escort services and how to "satisfy a woman."

"Do you like looking at yourself on television?" Wallace asked Gallagher.

"Sometimes if I'm a little lonely it gives me a little companionship," Gallagher said.

Wallace noted that was a depressing answer.

"I'll admit I'm an emotional guy," Gallagher said. "I don't think you have any emotion."

"I'm a man," Wallace boasted.

"Do you ever tear up at any sad movies?" Gallagher asked.

"No. I laugh," Wallace said.

"[Your wife] Loraine must really enjoy your companionship," Gallagher said sarcastically.

Gallagher pointed out that Wallace's wife would be guest hosting his show in January. "We're going to get to all the secrets of Chris Wallace."

"Maybe the secret is I know how to satisfy a woman," Wallace replied.

"If I were a bachelor and I had my own pad in New York, I wouldn't be lonely," Wallace continued. "It'd be party night."

"Why are you lonely in New York? I don't understand," wondered Wallace. "Don't you see those numbers on the tops of cabs and things? Call 'em up. You're a single guy. You've got nothing to lose."

"On the top of the cabs they have numbers for gentleman's clubs and escort services," Wallace added.

"You think I could go to a gentleman's club? Are you crazy? I wouldn't walk into one of those," Gallagher said.

"Because you're not a man," concluded Wallace.

Wallace anchors Fox News Sunday every Sunday morning on the Fox broadcast network and Fox News Channel.

This audio is from Salem Radio's The Mike Gallagher Show, broadcast Nov. 12, 2010 and uploaded by Media Matters.