Hours after becoming the Speaker-in-waiting of the House of Representatives, Ohio Republican John Boehner says he has a voter "mandate" to repeal Democrats' healthcare bill, which he dubbed a "monstrosity."

"I think that it's a mandate for Washington to reduce the size of government and continue our fight for smaller, less costly and more accountable government," Boehner told reporters Wednesday.

CBS News notes that Boehner's mandate isn't exactly clear cut.

A CBS "exit poll found that voters were split on the issue, with nearly half calling for its repeal and a roughly equal number saying it should either be expanded or left as is."

"We have a big job ahead of us and that's why you'll see us roll up our sleeves and go to work today," Boehner said.

"The American people were concerned about the government takeover of health care," he added. "I think it's important for us to lay the groundwork before we begin to repeal this monstrosity."

On Tuesday night, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor said one of the Republicans' top priorities is to repeal the health care bill.

"I hope that we're able to put a repeal bill on the floor right away because that's what the American people want. They understand that this bill is going to bankrupt this country and take away the health care that they -- most people in this country -- know and like," Cantor said.

Repealing the Democrats' health care bill would be next-to impossible, since Democrats still control the Senate.