Comedy Central's Jon Stewart got out his chalkboards Thursday to prove that Glenn Beck is really a puppet controlled by billionaire George Soros and out to destroy America.

For the past few weeks, Beck has used his Fox News show to rail against Soros. But Stewart found the same pattern of actions at Fox News that Beck claimed Soros was guilty of.

"My only hope in watching these [Glenn Beck] shows was please don't make it so awful that I feel the need to defend a vaguely creepy hedge fund billionaire like George Soros," begged Stewart.

Beck has attacked Soros -- a Jew who survived the Holocaust -- for taking property from Jews as a teenager and helping to collapse four communist countries.

"George Soros, the most dangerous kind of leftist, the kind who barely escaped with his life from the Nazis and has a better communist-fighting record than the Reagan administration. Shouldn't you people love this guy? Why is this a problem," asked Stewart.

"I just showed you how he collapsed regimes internationally," Beck claimed on a recent show. "Now he's aiming at America."

"Wait, now I'm confused. I thought Soros only cleansed communist or autocratic, totalitarian countries. That's why he supported Obama, a totalitarian communist, elected so he could then collapse us. But how?" wondered Stewart.

"I could not say these things about the most powerful man on planet earth and stay on the air if they were not true," Beck said.

"Of course you couldn't, unless you could. I mean, how can one elderly foreign-born billionaire with a media empire and stated political ideology trying to control the future of the greatest country?" Stewart said as he realized that Beck's boss, Rupert Murdoch, was also a foreign-born billionaire with a media empire who may be trying to control the future of America.

"We have been led in this country to believe Glenn Beck is a patriot working with an elderly billionaire named Rupert Murdoch when, in fact, Glenn Beck is a trojan horse subversive sent to destroy Rupert Murdoch's real empire by his real master by the name of George Soros," Stewart decided.

In part two of his epic takedown of Beck, Stewart used his chalkboards to reveal the vast conspiracy of conservative billionaires like Murdoch, the Koch brothers and Richard Mellon Scaife who control political action committees (PACs), foundations, think tanks and news outlets.

"Once I realized that Glenn Beck was George Soros' puppet, everything started to make sense. I wish this weren't our future. I wish I was wrong. But I'm not wrong," Stewart lamented.

"But, Jon, if I'm a puppet sent by George Soros to discredit Rupert Murdoch, where are the strings, Jon? Where are the strings?" Stewart said. "There are other ways for the puppet master to control his puppet."

"I'm just at home, and I'm recovering from some surgery," Beck told his audience not long ago. "It was butt surgery. I had surgery on my ass."

"Surgery, ass surgery. To remove a fissure, a hemorrhoid, or perhaps to insert a powerful right forearm of a hungarian dictator," Stewart explained.

"Folks, don't take my word in all of this. Even though everything I've said to you is a proven fact. I'm not saying Glenn Beck is a saboteur. I'm merely asking questions about why he is destroying America and doing George Soros' work for him," Stewart concluded.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Nov. 18, 2010.

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