The host of The O'Reilly Factor warned Monday that there could be mass suicides on the air at MSNBC if Democrats sustained major losses in Tuesday's midterms.

"I'm going to issue a viewer warning right now for children not to watch MSNBC because some people may commit suicide, alright. They may set themselves on fire over there and it would be gruesome to watch that," O'Reilly said.

Olbermann responded in kind, notes Mediaite: "Olbermann played the clip of O’Reilly’s viewer warning and responded by simply waving and telling O’Reilly that he was 'still here, unlike your humanity!' After a couple of years of targeting up-and-comers like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and making his 'World’s Worsts' segment just a memory fit for VH1’s inevitable 'I Love the ’00s,' could Olbermann be looking to reignite his early-aughts feud with his original arch nemesis? If history is any indication, it would do wonders for ratings."