"Are you familiar with the beloved holiday tale of how President Barack Obama destroyed Christmas with his union-boosting, New World Order-establishing, God-hating policies?" begins Gawker, highlighting a copy of a Tea Party book aimed at children. "No? Let's take a look at this Tea Party's christmas picture book, The Liberal Clause."

Gawker smirks: "A writer from the Mercury, a Portland alt-weekly, picked up a copy of The Liberal Clause: Socialism on a Sleigh during a Tea Party election party last night. The book is written by former Washington Tea Party congressional candidate David Hedrick, who's known for yelling at Democrats and allegedly hitting his wife."

"With simple sentences and colorful drawings that should appeal to four-year-olds and Tea Partiers alike, The Liberal Clause tells the story of how a small town is taken over by the Liberal Party of Elves and their leaders Elf Peloosi, Barry 'Liberal Clause' Obama and his wife 'Lichelle,'" Gawker continues. Photographs from the book, highlighted at Talking Points Memo, follow.