For those who don't know already, I'm going to be a speaker at Skepticon 3 in a couple of weeks. It's November 19-21, and it's a free conference in Springfield, Missouri. I'm almost alarmingly prominently featured as the first speaker on the first day, besides the opening ceremony speakers. My talk will be an hour long, and it will be titled "The Role of Irrationality in Sexism". I started off intending to talk about just religion and sexism, but ended up with this, because I want to talk also about the role pseudo-science plays in sexism.

They offer this conference for free and are able to fly us in because of the proceeds from an annual calendar sale they do, for which people will be posing once again this year. A lot of people are anti-cheesecake, I know, but my feelings about it are that the main problem with most cheesecake is that it's sexist. But Skepticon is all about anti-sexism (like I said, first speaker!), and so they simply provide cheesecake photos of both men and women.

You can buy either the male pin-up or the female pin-up here. Proceeds go towards skeptical and atheist activism, and to making sure that I, amongst others, can speak at conferences like this. And, you know, drive home to the atheist/skeptic crowd the importance of feminist, liberal politics to the cause. In my capacity as a skeptic and atheist, I've also taken the time to speak about criticizing religion without promoting bigotry against faith groups, a mistake Bill Maher recently made.

The calendars are a cute bit of activism in and of themselves. They humanize atheists, for one thing, but they're also about promoting a little geek pride. The science-loving skeptic community is often characterized as not so fun or sexy, and this calendar neatly disproves that. So buy one, have some fun, objectify some dudes, and help the cause.