Falsely declares election on Wednesday

Kansas Democrats allege that a pro-Republican group is attempting to mislead and intimidate voters with automated telephone calls claiming the election occurs on Wednesday.

The robo-calls tell voters to bring their voter registration card and proof of home-ownership to the polls on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Voters in Kansas are not required to provide those documents to vote and the election occurs on Tuesday, November 2nd. First-time voters only need to bring proof of their name and address, such as a driver's license.

The Kansas Democratic Party claims to have traced the calls to "an as yet unnamed Republican organization."

"There is no place for voter intimidation in our electoral process," said Kansas Democratic Party Chairman Larry Gates. "Every Kansas voter should feel comfortable with their right to cast a ballot and understand tactics like these are lies meant to scare them away from exercising their right."

The state's Attorney General has launched an investigation into the misleading calls.

"We opened an investigation into potential voter intimidation," said Gavin Young, a spokesman for the Attorney General. "In Kansas, misleading individuals about their vote is a felony."

Young said the investigation will continue regardless of what happens after Tuesday's elections.

The Kansas Republican Party denies any involvement with the robo-calls.

"The Kansas Republican Party clearly identifies ourselves at the beginning of every volunteer and robo-call we originate in accordance with state laws," said Ashley McMillan, the executive director of the party.

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs said in a release, "Every eligible Kansas voter should expect to cast their ballot without undue interference, harassment or obstacle on Tuesday, November 2nd."