Suggestive photos have surfaced of a Republican congresswoman from California getting cozy with a wealthy campaign contributor.

Radar Online published several photos Friday, where former billionaire Edra Blixseth is seen licking the breast of Rep. Mary Bono Mack.

The photos were reportedly taken taken four years ago in Rancho Mirage, California, at Blixseth's $75 million Porcupine Creek estate.

"Mary was partying hard," an unnamed source told celebrity gossip site Radar Online. "She was blitzed and clearly having a great time."

Bono was elected to Congress in 1998 and is the widow of singer and former Congressman Sonny Bono.

Julie Bornstein, who ran against Bono in 2008, was not surprised.

"Several women in the California Congressional delegation were embarrassed repeatedly by Mary Bono's behavior and conduct in the Capitol and encouraged me to run because of the embarrassment she brought to the legislature," she said.

"I am not surprised that these pictures exist. She has often spoken about going out with her girlfriends and drinking... she has been known as a strenuous partier," Bornstein added.

Blixseth, the other woman in the photos, is at the center of a federal investigation for alleged fraud regarding a series of loans.

The Associate Press reported that the investigation involves "involves a series of multimillion dollar loans she took out or guaranteed."

Blixseth claims that she did nothing wrong and the funds were only intended to be bridge loans, designed to keep the Yellowstone Club, an exclusive resort for millionaires, afloat.