I was extremely happy to see that the first full-length album by MEN has come out. I got their EP for a couple of bucks at a show that probably was a couple of years ago now, and have been eager for more. The lead of the band is JD Samson, who got her start in Le Tigre, and is just all-around awesome subversive feminist dance pop. The download is $8 on Amazon. Today's Genius Ten is based on their song "Credit Card Babies", which is not a song for the humorless, I promise. Warning: the chorus is an earworm with NSFW lyrics that you will find yourself unable to stop singing. This was demonstrated after a group of friends went to see them at SXSW, and found ourselves singing it all night. Leave your list in comments, or comments about whatever you like. Open thread.

Original song: "Credit Card Babies" by MEN

1) "Take You On" by Peaches

2) "Solid Gold" by the Golden Filter

3) "Sweet 16" by Thunderheist

4) "Life After Sundown" by Glass Candy

5) "Vulture" by Patrick Wolf

6) "Drugs In My Body" by Thieves Like Us

7) "Night Drive" by Chromatics

8) "They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name" by Ladytron

9) "Amour du Sol" by Yelle

10) "Rocket" by Goldfrapp

Videos after the fold. I also had cat pictures, but they were on my iPhone, which was unceremoniously and accidentally dropped by me on the floor, cracked in a million places, and now somewhere in the mail after getting repaired. So, apologies.