LOS ANGELES — Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is expected to attend next month's space shuttle launch commanded by her astronaut husband, a spokesman said.

Doctors in Texas were due to provide an update Friday on the condition of the 40-year-old lawmaker, two months after she was shot in the head at point-blank range in Tucson, Arizona.

"They expect her to attend the launch," said NASA spokesman Allard Beutel, while stressing the latest information would come from Giffords's office and the doctors in Texas, where she is undergoing rehabilitation.

The Democratic lawmaker was gunned down on January 8 in a shooting rampage that killed six people, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl, at a public meeting she was giving.

A bullet went through her brain. Giffords was initially treated in intensive care in Tucson, but was transferred to Houston, where she moved to the TIRR Memorial Hermann rehabilitation hospital in late January.

Her husband, NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, forecast in early February that his wife would attend the April 19 launch of the space shuttle Endeavor at NASA's Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.