For some reason, the Genius function on my iTunes is suddenly not working, or not working much. Songs and bands it used to work on don't work any more. I don't know what to do about this. I was going to do a Genius Ten for the Dum Dum Girls, but instead I'll just put up some videos by them and a couple of other people (LADIES) with new stuff out that you might like.

Dum Dum Girls is older, but still awesome:

Men, who also have a show this week in New York, next Wednesday.

The Vivian Girls don't have a new album out, but both the bassist has a new band called La Sera.

Opening for the Dum Dum Girls:

Cat pics below the fold. The cats really enjoy the new apartment, in part because it has a lot sunlight in the mornings, and they bask in it. I got a shot of a double decker basking.


But they also love our new bedroom, which is basically a cubbyhole off to the side of a large sitting room. We call it the bed cave, since it fits our bed and nothing else. For cats, this is perfect, since cats love the feeling of being in enclosed spaces where they can sleep without anyone sneaking up on them. Molly took it to the next level by wedging herself into a couple of pillows.