Hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean, who attempted to run for the presidency of Haiti, was injured Sunday morning in Port-au-Prince. There are conflicting reports about the nature of his wounds, though all parties agree they are non life-threatening.

Jean claims he was shot in the hand, while local police say he cut his hand on broken glass.

"The way I can explain it is that the bullet grazed me in my right hand," Jean told the New York Daily News. "I heard blow, blow, blow and I just looked at my hand."

"We met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass," a local police chief told Reuters.

Only 23 percent of Haiti's 4.7 million eligible voters turned out, and some are already calling for a re-vote in this runoff election between singer Michel Martelly, 50, and former first lady Mirlande Manigat, 70.

Image via WikiMedia Commons.