The United States should abandon all welfare programs because they have led to the destruction of marriage and harm black children, according to the Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association (AFA).

"We have spent over $16 trillion fighting the war on poverty, and it’s time to run up the white flag of surrender," Bryan Fischer said in blog post on the AFA's website. "Poverty has won."

Fischer added that welfare had destroyed the African-American family by providing incentives for fornication instead of marriage. "It’s no wonder we are now awash in the disastrous social consequences of people who rut like rabbits," he wrote.

"Welfare has destroyed the African-American family by telling young black women that husbands and fathers are unnecessary and obsolete. Welfare has subsidized illegitimacy by offering financial rewards to women who have more children out of wedlock."

In addition to being the AFA's Director of Issues Analysis, Fischer also hosts the talk radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio. He is no stranger to outlandish comments, such as claiming WikiLeaks is about gays in the military and that Obama would give the entire land mass of the US to Native Americans.

Potential Republican presidential candidates Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Haley Barbour have appeared on his radio show.

In March, Fischer said the right to freedom of religion guaranteed in the United States Constitution doesn't apply to Muslims.

[H/T: Jamelle Bouie]