The New York Police Department may fire up to 400 cops at the conclusion of a widespread corruption investigation. Anonymous sources inside the department told the New York Post that cops who were found to have "fixed" tickets would be let go. The NYPD denied that 400 cops were involved, but declined to give a specific number.

"This is huge," the source told the Post. "That's a lot of cops all in one shot. I've never heard of something like that before, this many police officers charged in one period."

The investigation will definitely affect all 12 precincts in the Bronx, and may spread to other boroughs as well to punish cops who either took bribes or granted favors to clear violations and tickets. Punishments range from being fired to being warned.

Separate from the NYPD's internal investigation, a Bronx grand jury will continue to investigate 40 cops accused of taking bribes, a task it started in 2008.

Sources told the Post that ticket fixing worked in a variety of ways, from losing paperwork before a ticket is processed, changing license plate numbers so the ticket did not match the registration, or the officer agreeing not to show up for a court date.