CAIRO (Reuters) - Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, 82, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, state television reported, two days after he was summoned to take part in a probe by the public prosecutor.

Mubarak, ousted on February 11 after 30 years in office, was summoned by the public prosecutor on Sunday as part of investigations into the killing of protesters and embezzlement of public funds. Mubarak denied any wrongdoing in a recorded message broadcast on Al Arabiya television on Sunday.

Mubarak has suffered from health problems in recent years and went to Germany for gall bladder surgery in March 2010.

"Mubarak entered Sharm el-Sheikh international hospital for treatment," state television reported.

The website of the state-owned publisher of Al Ahram newspaper said the president might not have to go to Cairo to attend the investigation because of his admission to hospital.

Mubarak had vowed to die in Egypt when he addressed the country's 80 million people shortly before he stepped down in the wake of mass protests.

Al Ahram newspaper reported earlier on Tuesday that Mubarak had received the summons to appear before a Cairo court for questioning and that special security was being arranged.

It quoted Interior Minister Mansour el-Essawy as saying Mubarak would give testimony on accusations directed against him at a court on the eastern outskirts of Cairo. It did not say when he would appear or what the accusations were.

(Writing by Edmund Blair, editing by Tim Pearce)

Source: Reuters US Online Report World News