To donate to the Silver Ring Strikers, who are bowling for abortion access on Sunday, April 17th. We've got quite the team forming, with acclaimed journalist Lindsay Beyerstein and Jezebel founder Anna Holmes helping us out.

The link to donate is here. There was some link weirdness, but that's our official link for donations. If you donated at the other one, don't worry---the money all ends up going to help women who need abortions.

Our fundraising goal is $2,500. I've outlined what I'll do at various levels, but a refresher:

*If we reach $1,000, I will post my bowling score, like I did last year, so you can laugh at it. I’ll do this even if we reach other fund-raising goals, so don’t feel like you have to cap it off at $1,000 to get this.

*If we reach $1,500, I will post a poll on whether or not I’ll continue to post Food Saturdays, so people who have strong opinions on my cooking skills, food untasted, pay attention and open your wallets.

*If we reach $2,000, I’ll do a webcam video answering the first question (that’s not of the right wing harassment variety) asked of me on Formspring after we reach that goal.

*If we reach $2,500, I’ll bowl in the dress I wore to the WAM! Prom, and of course, post a picture. To get an idea of how ridiculous this will look, here is a photo of me wearing the dress:

Polka dots!

So the incentives are high. Also, we beat Katha Pollitt last year, and would totally love to do it again this year. So, for ego and for abortion access, help give to the New York Abortion Access Fund!