In about 4.5 hours, at midnight CDT, I will be taking the site down because we are moving servers. FSM willin' and the crick don't rise, it'll be back up WELL before morning. 

A couple of other administrative notes while I'm at it:

  • I've set up a spot to report any troubles you're having with the site. You can submit a ticket here -- and you do NOT have to use your real email address. Keep in mind that this is for technical issues ONLY; I am the only person who will be checking it. (But please don't report "the site is down" between midnight and 4am tonight, because I know that already!)

  • Also, if you were caught in the spam purge and had to reregister, feel free to let me know, with your old screen name and new screen name (if they're different) both included. I will try to make sure that all your old comments are credited properly to your new User ID.

Thanks for all your patience while we're getting things sorted out, folks!