Swiss energy minister Doris Leuthard is reported to be on the verge of introducing a motion to Switzerland's Parliament to halt development of new nuclear facilities and ban all such facilities in the future.

The Swiss government is expected to make an announcement on Wednesday regarding its plans for the future of nuclear energy in that country. Like Germany, the Swiss are rethinking their commitment to nuclear energy in the wake of the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima power plant in Japan.

Tsunami waves knocked out emergency power generators at the Fukushima plant, causing at least one of its three nuclear reactors to suffer a full core meltdown as the plant spewed radiation into the air and sea.

In March, plans to construct three new nuclear power plants in Switzerland were suspended. The government has ordered a review of all safety standards. It is believed that when Leuthard presents her plan on Wednesday that it will include a decision to continue to use current nuclear plants, build no new plants, and explore avenues to alternate energy sources.

Currently, Switzerland derives 40 percent of its electricity from nuclear plants.