Voters concerned about the reliability of electronic voting may now have another reason to worry.

A hacker known as Abhaxas claimed Saturday to have released data from one of Florida's internal voting databases.

"Who believes voting isn't tampered with?" Abhaxas asked Twitter followers.

Data in the file uploaded to Pastbin is dated between 2003 and 2010. One section seems to list candidates from the 2004 Democratic presidential primary. Another section contains the file names of ballots from various years.

"So, this is a little ironic," Abhaxas wrote. "Here is inside details of florida (sic) voting systems. Now.. who still believes voting isn't rigged? If the United States Government can't even keep their ballot systems secure, why trust them at all? FAIL!"

The activist hacker group Anonymous publicized the data dump on their Twitter page.

"Can't confirm authenticity but it looks like @Abhaxas leaked parts of Florida voting db. #AntiSec," they tweeted.

In recent weeks, Anonymous has taken credit for taking down over a half-dozen major Orlando, Florida-based websites and spammed tens of thousands of unsolicited faxes all over the city as a response to an ordinance that prohibits feeding homeless people in public parks.

[H/T: Zero Paid]