Pet stores in New York City's West Village are taking measures to stop drunk people from buying and handling puppies, NYC news site DNAinfo reported Tuesday.

Fernanda Moritz, manager of a store called Le Petite Puppy, said the store has a new rule that passers-by may not buy or hold puppies if they appear to be inebriated.

"I feel like they always come in drunk," Moritz said. Post-happy hour, foot traffic from the bars surrounding the store often provides impulsive — and tipsy — customers. "They come from there and say 'let's stop by to see the puppies.'"

Leandro Jacoby, manager of Citipups, another West Village pet shop, said his store has the same problem.

"We have to tell them to come back the next day and most of the time they never come back," Jacoby said. "Most of the time it happens around holidays — St. Patrick's Day or Gay Pride."

(h/t: Runnin' Scared)