While Texas Gov. Rick Perry conducts a National Day of Prayer in the Lone Star State, Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) continues to reach out to faith leaders in Iowa.

Bachmann has spoken at a different church in the politically important early primary state every Sunday, and yesterday she released a list of more than a hundred faith leaders from the state who would endorse her, Politico reported.

A campaign press release accompanying the list touts the enthusiasm of those like Pastor Brad Sherman.

"Michele has a long track record of standing firm on and fighting for conservative issues on the local, state and national level," Sherman said in the release. "She has been in the battle for decades and has shown that her core values are non-negotiable in political storms. She has earned her claim to having a 'titanium spine' on the issues we care most about."

The denominations of those on the list were not noted, nor were the churches and organizations they are affiliated with.