Before heading down to the Occupy Wall Street protests, Michael Moore appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and said President Barack Obama shouldn't complain about anyone else for the country's current political environment.

"He should be mad at himself first," the filmmaker said. "This is like a quarterback who pisses away the first three quarters and then it's like the fourth quarter decides to show up and play football."

"I don't know the game plan that was in his head. The first two years, they had both houses. Why they allowed that opportunity to go by? Now all of a sudden, you're going to charge forward. I say 'Great,' you're going to find most people to go onboard with you. Geesh, you took such a long time."

When host Piers Morgan asked him who would be the least worrying Republican candidate for president, Moore said, "There's only one, there's only one that has sanity operating inside of him, and that's Jon Huntsman."

WATCH: Video for CNN, which appeared on September 26, 2011.