The progressive group One Wisconsin Now used Labor Day as a chance to blast the "corporate takeover of state government" happening as a result of Governor Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature.

Walker and Republican lawmakers pushed to curb the collective-bargaining rights of public employees earlier this year, eventually passing the highly controversial legislation using a parliamentary maneuver.

“While working people and the middle class of Wisconsin suffer, Gov. Scott Walker has used our treasury to enrich corporations and the wealthy," One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said. "Gov. Walker has divided our tax dollars amongst his biggest corporate donors, but he has also united the middle class and working people of Wisconsin as never before in an effort to stop his disastrous agenda."

"We celebrate Monday the many contributions of organized labor and working men and women to our nation, but with an eye to a brighter day when we remove Gov. Walker from office and restore decency, competence and humanity to the state’s top office."

The attack on collective-bargaining rights set off unprecedented recall campaigns against Republican and Democratic Wisconsin state senators. Democrats ended up gaining two seats in the Senate after defeating incumbent Republicans in recall elections on August 9, but fell short of the three seats needed to gain a majority.

Democrats are expected to launch a recall campaign against Walker after January 3, 2012. Under Wisconsin law, any elected official who has served at least one year of their current term can be recalled from office.

The governor also released a statement on Labor Day, in which he emphasized the importance of creating private sector jobs.

"Wisconsin is home to a world class workforce," Walker said. "Our outstanding workers are the single most valuable and important asset we have when attempting to attract and retain employers in Wisconsin. This is extremely important to highlight on Labor Day as we move forward with our plan to ensure we have an economic climate that allows the private sector to create 250,000 new jobs by 2015."