After a "day of rage" on Friday that saw over 5,000 protesters march through Wall Street, only to be rebuffed by a police barricade, organizers say their struggle has only just begun.

Presently encamped one block from the Federal Reserve are several hundred protesters, in a tent city that's sprung up in a park on Liberty Street they've renamed "Liberty Plaza" (otherwise known as Zuccotti Park). They're holding camp in an effort to inspire others to join them, borrowing their tactics from Egyptians who camped in Tahrir Square.

The video below is from Saturday, the second day of the protest, and features a speech by the activist actor Rev. Billy, who promotes moralistic capitalism and fair trade issues.

To watch a live stream of the ongoing protest camp, click here.

[Ed. note: While the organizers noted during the live stream that Raw Story underwrote their lunch, that is incorrect. One staff member of his own accord donated to their lunch fund without the knowledge of management, and will not be involved editorial decisions regarding this story going forward.]