About 3,000 scantily-clad people took to the streets of Salt Lake City Saturday to protest conservative laws in Utah with a "Undie Run" event.

The demonstration began near the Mormon church headquarters and continued about two miles towards the Utah State Capitol.

Organizers were forced to impose a dress code to comply with Utah indecency laws. Nudity, thongs, G-strings, see-through underwear, and skin-tight underwear for men were all prohibited. After protesters stripped down, they were given the chance to donate their clothes to the homeless. Donations of canned food were also accepted.

Participants were encouraged to bring signs and write messages on their bodies to call attention to specific causes. Many had messages in support of marriage equality.

The event also set a goal of registering 3,000 new voters, according to the Utah Undie Run website.

Watch this video, uploaded to YouTube Sept. 25, 2011.