Vermont governor Peter Shumlin (D) appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show Friday evening to express his concern over the possible government shutdown over FEMA funds.

"Congress is scaring me to death," Shumlin said. "You know, the fact that we're at a point in this country where we could get hit by a national disaster and have the tea party folks say 'Where not going to give you money, where going to leave you out there to dry.' It's unbelievable. I never thought we see this point in this country."

Shumlin noted how some Republicans are more interested in spending money overseas than in their own country.

"The fact of the matter is that, you just heard it in that debate, 'Why do we send all this money to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to other foreign countries, we don't spend it here. He's right. We're not willing at this point to spend the money to rebuild people's homes who have been lost, all that possession wiped out. We have got to have that money to rebuild our roads, our bridges, our infrastructure."

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which aired on September 23, 2011.

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