As Alabama's new controversial immigration law continues to gain attention, one of the bill's provisions has allowed one utility to make a harsh decision.

Allgood's Water Works in Blunt County, Alabama has placed a sign outside its offices informing customers that they will not provide water service without specific requirements.

The sign says, "Attention all water customers: To be compliant with new laws concerning immigration you must have an Alabama driver's license or an Alabama picture ID card on file at his office before September 29, 2011 or you may lose service. Thank you."

Under section 30 of HB56, the immigration law, all undocumented immigrants would commit a crime if they tried "to enter into a business transaction with the state or a political subdivision of the state." The law does not specify what would qualify as a business transaction nor if a utilities company is allowed to deny service to residents in the state.

The Obama administration is seeking to repeal the law. The Justice Department is urging the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta to overturn a ruling by a district judge allowing much of HB 56 to remain intact.

(Photo cred: Think Progress.)