In a "get well" video directed at Scott Olsen, the Marine whose skull was fractured by a police projectile in Oakland on Tuesday night, the faceless hacktivst group "Anonymous" pledges to honor the soldier's sacrifice and stand in solidarity with him.

"Scott Olson, it has come to our attention that you have been critically injured by the Oakland Police Department for standing up for the American peoples' First Amendment Rights," a digitized voice says in the video. "The honor and courage you have displayed on the battlefield is only overshadowed by the cowardice and dishonor displayed by those who have committed these inhumane crimes against you.

"As you stand in solidarity with the people of the world, Anonymous stands in solidarity with you Scott. A bullet to the head of our brother is a bullet to the head of us all. We may not share the physical pain and hardships you are enduring, but know that we feel the emotional turmoil that comes along with this injury that being inflicted on you has been inflicted on all free Americans."

It goes on to say that for his sacrifice, Olsen will not receive a medal, but instead the "love and solidarity of your fellow free men and women around the world," which they called "the highest honor a man could receive."

Olsen was said to be in "critical condition" on Wednesday night as doctors worked to mitigate swelling on his brain. His condition was upgraded to "fair" by mid-Thursday, and later reports indicated that he'd begun breathing on his own, but still may need major surgery.

Members of "Occupy Oakland" have called for a city-wide strike on November 2, and hope to shut down the local government to express their displeasure with officials who authorized the brutal police crackdown. Vigils for Olsen and all of Oakland were also planned at dozens of other cities' occupations on Thursday night.

An "Anonymous" website also asked supporters to send Olsen their own get well cards, directing them to: U.S.M.C. Scott Olsen, Highland Hospital, 1411 East 31st Street, Oakland, CA 94602.

This video was published to YouTube on Oct. 27, 2011.