In these two clips from last night's 'Daily Show', host Jon Stewart has a long look at the presumptive GOP front runner, Mitt Romney. Throughout these early months of the Republican primary, as Stewart points out, Romney has exhibited two steady traits; he's constantly coming in second to other candidates and that he is apparently incapable of taking a firm stand on any issue of significance to the Republican base.

Watch the first clip, embedded via Comedy Central, below:

In the second clip, Jon discussees the bleakness of the rest of the field, between Herman Cain, who's lucky to make it safely from one end of a sentence to the other, and Rick Perry, who, as Stewart says, always looks as if he's posing for the photo on a box of 'Just for Men' hair color. Romney's best strategy, he suggests, might be to just sit back and let the others flame out all on their own.