Brianna Amat is not just Pinckney Community High School's first female kicker on the varsity football team, she also now has the distinction of being the first girl to win homecoming queen and kick a game-winning field goal on the same night.

Pickney head football coach Dan Burkholder told WBJK that Amat had played soccer since she was three, but wanted a new challenge for her senior year.

"The soccer coach talked to me a little bit and said, 'Hey, we've got a young lady that wants -- that's a good kicker, probably got the best foot in the school,'" Burkholder recalled. "Last spring, we met up out here one day and pulled a ball and tee out and said, 'OK, let's see what we can do.' And I was impressed."

Friday night's game was not only homecoming but also the biggest game of the year. The Grand Blanc team had badly beaten Pickney for the past two years.

Amat was shocked when they announced at halftime that she had been named homecoming queen.

"At halftime, I actually ended up winning homecoming queen," she recalled. "I was up for nomination and and I never thought in a million years that I would actually win. But I ended up winning and it was pretty exciting for me."

Before that win even had a chance to sink in, the coach called on her kick a field goal. The successful 31-yard kick was a record for Amat.

The Pickney Pirates went on to win their game 9-7.

"I'm really at a loss for words for it," she told Livingston Daily. "It's just something I do, and I'm so glad I got a chance to do it. It's something I'm never going to be able to redo in my lifetime."

Watch this video from WBJK, broadcast Oct. 3, 2011.

'Kicking Queen' Hits Game-Winning Field Goal: