Nearly as many Americans support the "Occupy Wall Street "movement as oppose it, but the ongoing demonstration is still more popular than the tea party, according to a new Pew Research/Washington Post poll.

According to the survey of 1,009 adults, 39 percent of Americans support the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Nearly the same amount, 35 percent, say they oppose it.

In contrast, 32 percent of Americans support the tea party movement and 44 percent oppose it.

Another 10 percent say they support both movements and 14 percent said they oppose both.

Droves of unions, progressive groups and Democrats began to endorse the demonstration weeks after it began in New York City's Zuccotti Park.

Not surprisingly, Democrats are more likely to support "Occupy Wall Street" than Republicans. More than half of Democrats, 52 percent, support the movement and 62 percent of liberal Democrats support it.

Only 19 percent of Republicans support the anti-corporate protests.

Although demonstration is over a month old, few polls have assessed American's opinion of the protest. A survey released by Time last week found that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement was more popular than Barack Obama and the tea party.

Photo credit: David Shankbone