House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Tuesday said that the ongoing "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration in lower Manhattan pitted Americans against Americans when asked if he regretted calling the protesters a "mob."

"To sit here and vilify one sector of the economy, industries, etc. is not helpful," he said, according to Politico. "People are lacking confidence right now. We have elected leaders stirring the pot right now. That is not good."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) recently sent a petition to supporters asking them to back the protests against corporate greed and a number of elected Democrats have endorsed the weeks-long demonstration.

Cantor rejected any comparison between the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the tea party movement, claiming the tea party attempted to remedy their grievances through elected officials.

“It’s not pitting one part of our country against another," he explained.

Last week at the Values Voter Summit in D.C., Cantor said he was "increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country."

Photo credit: Geoff Holtzman