Republicans have begun to line up against the "Occupy Wall Street" movement that began on September 17. During an appearance Thursday on ABC’s Top Line, Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia claimed the protest was an attack on freedom.

"Well, if you look at what they've been telling in the media, they don't know why they're there, they're just mad," he said. "And I see people angry in my district too, but this attack upon business, attack upon industry, attack upon freedom, and I think that's what this is all about."

"Now, the unions seem to be weighing in and trying to subvert that anger into a political power to try to reelect a president whose policies are just totally ignorant and incompetent about the economy and how to create jobs and how to create freedom in this country," Broun added.

Meanwhile, Democrats have begun to endorse the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, which have spread across the country.

The protesters have outlined a number of grievances, including efforts to eliminate union rights, discrimination in the workplace, student debt, corporate personhood, and the undemocratic influence of big business on economic policymaking.

Watch video, courtesy of ABC News, below:

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Updated: An original version of the story gave inaccurate information on Rep. Broun. The congressman represents a district in Georgia, not Texas.