Like many commentators, Jon Stewart was seemed shocked at word that television preacher Pat Robertson had called the Republican Party too "extreme" for his liking..

On The Daily Show Tuesday evening, the comedian was certainly fired up with disbelief over the televangelist's comments, saying he "did not see that coming."

"Is that Pat 'Gay people cause hurricanes' Robertson expressing concern for how extreme the Republican Party has gotten?" Stewart asked. "Pat 'Liberals are akin to Nazis' Robertson, believes that Republicans are staking out a position that maybe is unappealingly extreme, this guy? The guy whose mind sees gay marriage, bestial, and  pedophilia, and draws an equal sign between all of them? Pat 'The 2010 Haitian earthquake was caused by an early 19th century deal Haitians made with the devil to get their independence from France' Roberston, that guy?"

Still perplexed over what would make Robertson say that with his reputation for bizarre comments, Stewart somehow dredged up the answer to Robertson's bizarre turnaround.

"What he's telling the GOP field is this: 'If you tell people what you honestly believe, an electorate majority of those people will freak the f--k out.'"

He added, "It's almost 'like Facebook saying to you TMI.'"

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on October 25, 2011.