"Occupy Atlanta" may have been displaced from its original location by Mayor Kasim Reed, but that hasn't stopped the portests from having an impact on people's lives.

In a video released Wednesday from RollingOut.com, a homeless man explains how "Occupy Atlanta" has completely changed his life.

"They've help me stop from using crack cocaine, you talk about 30 year addiction, 30 something year addiction right down the street," he said. "It kept me busy, they just kept me busy."

The unnamed man also expressed the need for others to facilitate the downtrodden instead of neglecting them.

"These people don't understand is, they sitting around not helping anybody. You can't help yourself until you help someone else. If you need some and you in need, help someone else, and watch your needs be met."

That ethos seems to have really taken hold at "Occupy Atlanta," which found its members last week occupying the front lawn of a police officer's home in order to stop it from being foreclosed.

"We're hoping something bigger takes over and leads us in the direction that we need to go," said Tawanna Rorey, the officer's wife, said of the protesters.

Watch: Video from Youtube, which appeared on November 9, 2011.